The Sheriff’s Office wants to remind residents of the following:

  • Please remove unnecessary temptations from view.  Bikes on the front porch are a huge draw to your home.
  • Lock your doors and windows when you are not home.
  • Close your garage doors when you are not at home or inside your residence.
  • Set your alarms, even if your system is not monitored.
  • Be alert.  Call the Sheriff’s Office immediately at 407-348-2222 if you see any suspicious persons or vehicles.
  • If you have an unexpected visitor knocking on the door, DO NOT open it, but make sure to let the person know that your home is occupied.  Burglars don’t want confrontation and will leave.  If this happens, call the Sheriff’s Office, 407-348-2222.

Reminder to Obey Traffic Laws

Deputy Weiland would like to remind residents of the high cost of traffic fines for citations issued in Osceola County. Click here to read the fines for many of the basic traffic infractions. Other violations not mentioned would fall under moving or non-moving categories.  The courts can increase most penalties up to $500 for each infraction. Add court costs and insurance increases to these fines, and you will see why it is important to obey traffic laws.

There are many other traffic laws in the State of Florida. If you have questions regarding traffic infractions, please wave down Deputy Weiland as he patrols throughout the town, and he will be happy to help answer them. You may also read about more traffic laws online at, Chapters 316 – 324, Florida Statutes.