Community Input Requested on Parking and Roadway Issues

At its May 15, 2018, meeting, the Board of Supervisors for the Celebration CDD discussed several issues related to roadways. While these roads are the jurisdiction of Osceola County, they are working with the District and the community as to our desires and wishes. The Board has a liaison who meets with County staff and others from the community, and the following issues are being presented to the community for public comment for the CDD Board's discussion and consideration at a future meeting:

  1. Parking around Market Square -- Whether or not to allow parking around the square for a limited time (5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc.)
  2. Control of dumpsters on County roads -- Joint effort with CROA to adopt an ordinance codifying the parking restrictions that the covenants and restrictions currently have in place
  3. Crosswalks across Campus Street at Front Street -- Provide crosswalk access from the Carlyle/Stetson parking lots to downtown
  4. Spring Lake street parking -- No parking at corners to allow emergency vehicle access but permitted elsewhere along the streets
  5. Two-way traffic on Sycamore Street from Celebration Avenue to Mulberry Street -- No parking on the side of the street adjacent to the church for a portion or all day on Sundays

Please email your comments to, send them through the CeleService app, or reply using the form on the website.

Thank you for your feedback and your continued interest in Celebration.