Ponds Water Quality

Water Quality Testing: The stormwater management ponds within the District are monitored on a regular basis to ensure that the District is in compliance with permits and the regulations from other agencies. These ponds drain into Reedy Creek Improvement District’s (RCID) system, so they check our outfall periodically to be sure there are no compliance issues with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). RCID was very pleased with the outcomes of their testing of the Celebration community—the results of their tests showed that we are in full compliance with all DEP regulations. This is quite an achievement, considering many other Counties in the area have been out of compliance. Our thanks to District staff and to the residents for helping the District maintain our compliance with DEP.

Most residents may not be aware that the fertilizers that you use have a direct effect on the water quality, and we appreciate you limiting the use of fertilizers around the pond areas. More information on other stormwater issues can be found on the website under Services, including what you can do to help maximize our community’s water quality.