Important Landscaping and Community Information


  1. Be careful not over fertilize or over water your landscaping. There is already plenty of phosphate and nitrogen in the reclaimed irrigation water system. 
  2. Do not wash landscape clippings down the storm drain or allow your contractor to do so.  That additional organic matter is the primary contributor to the water quality challenges in Celebration. 
  3. If you use a landscape contractor, make sure they have a Green Industries Best Management Practices certification and a Limited Commercial Fertilization Application license. 


  1. It is not acceptable to put signs in the CCDD right-of-way without our permission. Our staff is authorized to remove signs that are not approved. 
  2. Exercise extra care when driving in our alleys.  These are not construction or property maintenance parking or work staging areas, nor are they high-speed cut throughs to get around slower traffic or stop signs.  There are often children at play in or near these alleys. 
  3. The speed limit in Celebration is 25 mph unless posted otherwise.
  4. Our stop signs in Celebration do mean stop.