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We are providing a list of other organizations’ websites that you may find useful in your education about CDDs and utility issues.


Live. Work. Play. All in Celebration, Florida. Whether you are a resident or a visitor to Celebration, we encourage you to visit the official website for Celebration where you can read about the town’s history, see what events are happening in the community, contact the staff for Town Hall and much more information.



The Celebration community is comprised of two CDDs: Enterprise CDD and Celebration CDD. While Enterprise CDD is predominately commercial and mixed land uses with the water utility system, Celebration CDD is primarily residential with mixed commercial and other uses including shopping, dining, office, churches, and schools.

Click here to be routed to the online billing system to make online utility payments, view your billing history or usage history, and see the details of your utility account.


These Statutes govern how all affairs are conducted for special Districts within the State of Florida, from qualifying as a Supervisor, meeting notice requirements, bidding limits and procedures, to all aspects of financing public infrastructure. Chapter 190, F.S. is the primary section related to CDDs but there are a variety of other sections (Chapters 120, 170, 197) that deal with various aspects of District business, administration, and financing.


Department of Financial Services

Jimmy Patronis is the Chief Financial Officer for the State of Florida, and this department oversees the accounting and auditing functions and unclaimed property, monitors the investment of State funds, and manages the deferred compensation program and risk management program for the State, as well as handles insurance fraud and insurance consumer services including agent licensing. Visit this site to review audits for any Florida government agency.



This District is located within Osceola County, so search this website for all your County-related questions and issues. Look up properties on the Property Appraiser’s website, check your tax bill status with the Tax Collector, and find out if the County has any special events planned of interest to you. Meet your governing County officials and be informed on any aspect of County government you choose.




Katrina Scarborough is the Property Appraiser for Osceola County. The Property Appraiser determines the value of all property within the County, including improved and vacant real property, tangible personal property, and agricultural property. The Property Appraiser is also responsible for maintaining property ownership records and parcel ownership maps, and these records are available online on their website.


Mary Jane Arrington is the Supervisor of Elections. For all your Osceola County election results or questions, please see the information on this website or contact Ms. Arrington’s office.


Bruce Vickers welcomes you to the Office of the Osceola County Tax Collector. “We are committed to providing the citizens of Osceola County and the local and state agencies for which we collect taxes with courteous, professional and efficient service.” Explore the many divisions of the website, including property taxes, licenses, vehicle tag and registration, and other information.


This agency’s responsibilities include regional flood control, water supply and water quality protection, and ecosystem restoration.  SFWMD sets the guidelines and restrictions for irrigating your property. The CDD has several permits with SFWMD and must meet certain conditions as a result of those permits, mostly related to stormwater management and runoff issues.


This is the provider of water services for Kissimmee as well as other parts of Osceola County, including the community of Celebration. Their mission is to “provide cost-effective and responsive service to Water Authority customers while protecting public health and the environment.”



Governmental Agencies:

National Hurricane Center, provided through the National Weather Service and NOAA

Osceola County Emergency Management

Osceola Sheriff’s Department

Florida Department of Transportation

I-4 Poinciana Parkway Connector (a project of FDOT)


School District of Osceola County

University of Florida

University of Florida, IFAS Division

Florida State University

Environmental Interests:

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Report a nuisance alligator

Snake Identification and Reporting:


Convention and Visitors Bureau

Orlando International Airport